Smooth Dance Connection

West Coast Swing

Dance Instruction

James D Baker

Aurora, Colorado, USA

Laura Koch

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Teaching dance classes at three Fort Collins venues
Tuesdays: Basement of the Cafe Vino building on South College at 7:45pm (drop-in)
Wednesdays: Senoir Center at Raintree and Shields at 7:30pm (must pre-register)
1st and 3rd Fridays: The Fort Collins Club at Prospect and Lemay at 7:00pm (drop-in)
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By dancing to Pop music you are not limited to dancing at dance studios where they actually play music for waltz, cha-cha, tango, rumba, lindy hop, etc. Instead, you can hang out at nightclubs dancing with your friends, as well as venues specific to West Coast Swing.

Hello. Thank you for visiting SmoothDanceConnection. We are West Coast Swing dancers, instructors, competitors. We would love for you to join any of our dance classes in Fort Collins and Denver. We teach connection with our partner, lead/follow technique, dance technique, musicality, and fun patterns. After class is social dance time, and we are there to dance with our students. Bring a friend or come by yourself.

So, hang out awhile. Navigate the site to check us out, and we will see You on the dance floor!